3rd Party Modules (Weather & Twitter) are missing

I have successfully installed the latest xibo version (1.8.0 with docker) on my server, but it seems that besides the basic modules (text, clock, image, video etc.) all the third party ones (weather, finance, twitter etc.) are not listed under the Administration > Modules View. Is there an installation step that I am missing? The post installation guide only mentions that a key is required and assumes that the modules are accessible.

Those modules should be there or should be listed ready for installation, could you show me a screenshot of the Modules page in your CMS?

I attach screenshots from page1 and page2.

What happens when you click the green ‘Install Module’ button?

Well, that was it. The button opens a modal with a list of all the third-party modules. I don’t know why I assumed this button would open a dialog for installing my own module. Anyway, I am sorry for wasting your time.

No worries, it did look different in earlier CMS version, hopefully this topic will be helpful for other Xibo community members as well.