[3rd Party Commercial Addon] Getaweb Google Calendar

Hi there,

We developed a module to connect Google Calendar with Xibo. The module is a webbased program and you can change the source and css files. The module also works good on a website or you can connect the data from Google Calendar with other cms modules.

  • Load the program as a webpage in Xibo
  • Change the CSS files to get your own look
  • Display all activities from one day
  • After 15 minutes form the startingtime the activity will no longer be displayed
    It is a ideal solution for non- or notforprofit organizations and commercial companies with meetings, activities in many rooms.

Send a email to info@getaweb.nl if you’re interested

Click here for some images: http://www.getaweb.nl/component/k2/item/186-digitaal-scherm-hunzehuys


To install this, first of all make sure that all the folder in which this file resides is in a webroot of your choosing, and that permissions are set to make it accessible from the web.

You will need to acquire an API key from Google to enable this app. If you already have one, feel free to use it instead at step 7 and carry on from there.

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com/ by webbrowser.
  2. Create a new application. Once created, click on its name in the list.
  3. Click on ´APIs & auth´, ´APIs´. Here, select and enable the Calendar API which is listed in the ´Google Apps APIs´ section.
  4. Now, click on ´APIs & auth´, ´Credentials´.
  5. Here, click on the blue ´Create new Key´ button, followed by the ´Server Key´ button.
  6. Now you may enter one or more IP addresses from which the use of the key will be allowed. You may also leave it blank to allow any IP address to use the API key. Follow up by clicking ´Create´.
  7. Copy and paste the newly created API key into the config.ini.php file, under api, api_key.
  8. Also in the config.ini.php file, enter the calendar id of the public calendar for which activities are to be displayed. This ID can be found in the calendar’s settings on Google Calendar.
  9. Set the CSS to your taste.
  10. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Andre Rosing

Hello, I am very interested in this!

Can this be used for multiple calendars?

I am setting up signage for meeting rooms, and each room will have its own calendar.



The component creates a connection to a calendar-ID. This would only be possible if you create multiple calendar ID’s and different layouts of screens in Xibo.

I have edited your post title so it’s clear this is neither a Xibo module, nor is it free or under an Open Source licence.

Hi there, can I change the link in the post? I have a new productpage.

Yes you are free to edit your own posts.

Hi Alex
You should remove this ad from this thread.
The documentation is not up to date and the vendor is not very responsive.
Moreover, with this solution you must have a Xibo server per display.
I bought this module without installing it because of bad documentation.

Check out our website for a complete instruction to create the Google Calendar Api

Stil no plugin, we made a payment thru paypal this morning. You thank you page is "404"
We even filled a contact form at your homepage with no reply.

I send you the module/plugin this morning. If you have not received it, please contact me on info@getaweb.nl

Hello, do other users here have experience with the module?