3.1.2 - Layout Editor - Drag and Drop in playlist mode are duplicating the selected content

3.1.2 and previous

Hi Guys!
I noticed that when whe drag and drop a content in “Playlist Mode” on the Layout Editor makes the content be duplicated… take a look:

This seems to be happening when content is dragged into an area of ​​the screent where there is some region on the back layer.
it appears to be dragging and dropping the content both in the Timeline of the Plailyst mode and in the region of the layer behind

Can you recreate this behavior out there?

Hi, I have recreated this issue and have passed onto the dev team to take a closer look!

I will update here…

Thank you for posting :+1:

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The following issue has been created:

Thank your for bringing this to our attention.

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Thank you for the support! :smiley:

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