2 displays 1 install

I just hooked up a second monitor to my xibo install and I want to set it up as a second display to show a different layout. Is this possible or do I have to install xibo on a separate computer to get this to work?

You just install the Player application on the second computer and then configure it to connect to the CMS on your existing machine. It will then show up as a second display

@alex How do I configure it to connect to the CMS? How do I find the CMS Address if I have it on a second machine and which key do I put in the “Key” in the player settings?

You put the CMS URL and sever key in the settings, save, then register.

The URL will depend on where you installed the CMS, but it will be something like http://machine/xibo and the key will be the one you chose during installation. You can find it in the CMS settings screen if you’ve forgotten it