2.1.1 - Add content from library onto a layout area

We just upgraded to 2.1.1 and its obvious how to add a image to a content area and then upload media. What is not obvious is:

  1. Edit a layout
  2. Add an image to the layout
  3. Click the “view library” button to select media from the library.
  4. Select an item from the library.

Now what? There is no ok / submit button to confirm the selected media should now added to the layout. I’ve tried dragging, double clicking.

This should be an obvious answer - perhaps its a browser issue? I’m using the latest version of chrome

The steps you have taken are correct, once you have selected an item from the library (by clicking on the blue cross icon) you then need to click on your target Region to add. As a side note we are currently working on making improvements to adding from the Library to make it easier and will be adding a multi select function to allow you to make your selections then submit.

Rather than adding the Image Widget and then selecting View Library, you could use the Library Search feature which will allow you to select straight from your Media Library.

Thank you