16 monitor display setup

I am not yet committed to using Xibo, as I have a question:
My ultimate goal is to have 16 monitors wrapping around a bar in a restaurant. I want to have the current draft list scrolling around the bar in a ticker/marquee style with names of beers, and logos. Will Xibo support a scrolling text box that is essentially 30,720 x 1080?
If so, will the ticker scroll smoothly and not be jumpy? I am planning on using a top end, custom built windows PC with plenty of CPU power, RAM, and decent GPU equipment.

I think a fair answer to this is “we don’t know”.

I’m not aware of anyone using 16 screens end to end like that.

We had a similar enquiry a while ago, and I was looking at the latest nVidia mosaic software that goes with the NVS810 cards, which is designed for that kind of application, and my recollection is that it tops out at around 20,000 pixels on any axis.

Sorry I can’t give you a more concrete answer. There are people on here using 16 screens in a more standard video wall configuration and they may be able to offer you some insight if they see this.

You would probably be better using a lower resolution, the image would tear/distort due to the video card output rather than xibo

Hi Tim,
I do use pretty much 4K and 8K screens with large resolutions.
You won’t be able to use 16x screens if the goal is to have one whole resolution because there simply are no graphic cards nor PC players that can support such.

I have done similar by using a video processor which is pretty expensive.
Check this out,

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You can drive up to 63 screens with matrox

i know.
Matrox is however not a powerful solution, it has poor performance.

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Not sure where you got that information from…they’re world leaders in videowall processors

i know they are.
I have been using them a lot for over 15 years in many different projects with various digital signage applications.
They are okay but if you need performance and smooth results, you won’t get it from them.

If you connect 12x screens and build an 8K wall, trust me, you won’t get any smooth results specially if the wall is divided into several parts where you run videos, flash animations, large images etc.

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.