10 Players Lost All settings same time

This morning we had very big issue, all clients gone to player default. Reseted all server and etc. information on the XiboPlayer Options. So started showing Xibo Player Default Screen, wont play any video.
All connected clients had same issue at same time. But the offline clients didn’t effect.

The players which we reenter server information on the XiboClient Options, (because they have all the files) they started to play videos.
But the server side we must delete and authorize all effected clients, because they shown as unauthorized.

You Can check one Display from Cms logs; The all effected players have Activity Threshold error in the log.

Thanks for your help

We’ve seen a few of these recently and we’re not sure why. It appears that the XiboClient.xml file we store in the Users Roaming folder gets removed, causing everything to reset.

In your case it seems like the hardwareKey file stored in the library folder also got removed, causing new hardware keys to be generated.

We do not have any information for what might be causing this at present.

The problem happened all clients at the same time, does it make any idea? But clients which not connected to server at the time, they have no problem.
Thanks Dan, this is very important, because it could happen any time, no warranty.
Best, Michael.

I am not sure what you mean by this? Were those players offline meaning disconnected from the network? Or switched off?

Can you see if a windows update has been applied on the Players that were online - and if so, what does that update contain?

Some of them disconnected from internet, some of them switched off. If because of windows update, they would have same problem after get online.

I had same test on this issue.
Yes as you said if you delete %APPDATA%\XiboClient.xml (roaming folder) file, player goes to factory default settings.
If the file does not exists, Player tries to connect the server (but no server information) after 2 minutes WatchDog says “Activity Threshold Exceeded” and restart Player, this loop continues always. By the time, %APPDATA%\XiboClient.xml wont created (because no healty server connection)

If you open xibo player options, and reenter server information, (I think it recreates hardwarekey), you need to Delete&Add the player and authorize from CMS.

SOLUTION: (it saves you from the issue but I still dont know how the problem occures)
After installation of Xibo Player, goto installation folder, usually (C:\Program Files\Xibo Player) and

edit default.config.xml

Modify those rows as your information;
<LibraryPath>C:\xxx Your Library Path</LibraryPath> <ServerKey>YourServerKey</ServerKey> <DisplayName>COMPUTERNAME</DisplayName> <ServerUri>http://yourUrl</ServerUri>

When this problem happens and player goes to factory default, then Player reads information from this file, (because we add server information to this file) player get settings and could reconnect your server again. If you have all files in your Library, everything will be fine on CMS and Player side. And Xibo automatically creates XiboClient.xml file on %APPDATA% folder.

I hope this helps, but still need a real solution.


This error still continues. Some clients still clear all server and user information. They look like you install xibo first time.
After it lost all settings, it gets settings from default.config.xml file.
I ve found a solution with modifying default.config.xml with my server and user information (in C:\Program Files\Xibo Player). So when the players settings get clear, it gets default setting with my server key, library path ex.)

but the problem is; because the displayid is empty, it cannot get display id, so cannot get playlist from the server.

If you run xibo player setting from client, and write down displayid (you can get from server) after save, the client runs normally.

This is still the worst problem for us. Because multiple clients affect any time. For example, a client works fine and after an hour it clears information anyhow.

Player versions: windows 1.8.12-133
Server version: 1.8.11 - Docker

Thanks for your help, waiting for your reply.

In the log I can see more than one Xibo process. If Xibo detects more than one active process, Xibo will assume that it is a new instance, a new instance has default configuration.

Sometimes when you close Xibo the process still running in background, if you close Xibo make sure there are not Xibo processes running (task manager).

Today I noticed when the problem happens the file hardware.key gets empty. Thats why xibo shows “bad request” error and cannot connect server anymore.

I copy hardware key from the portal, Displays-> Edit the Display (which lost connection to server).

Goto the player, paste the displayId in the hardwarekey file (in the client library directory) and restart the player. Now player connect the server without problem.

I wonder why hardwarekey file gets empty ???


In 1.8.12 (code 133) we made a change to detect an empty hardware key. If the key is empty the player should regenerate it in 133 onward.

Can you try that on a 133 or later player and see? Just go and edit the file and save it empty, it should come back.

We still do not know why the hardwarekey or XiboClient.xml file gets removed/empty.

Has there been any progress with this issue? It happened again today. I am running 2.0.3.

We had this problem today on one of our displays (current Win client) after an power outage.
The Xibo Options (Client) were empty after the power was restored. No IP, no Key, no Splash Screen. After re-entering IP+Key, the display started.

On this machine Windows Updates are disabled. So we can rule out an update issue.

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I have the same issues with different systems. Sometimes only the ID gets lost, mostly the ID and the Background and sometimes the Client.xml stuff to.

Today I had one where only the ID was lost. I checkt the hardwarekey file and it wasn’t really empty, instead all characters was replaced by “spaces” (if i opened it with wordpad/note) respectively “speicial [NUL]-characters” (if i opened it with Notpad++). I see 10*[NUL] instead of eg. “id60001-01”.

The Systems:
Client “windows 1.8.10-132” with Server “1.8.13” and
Clients “windows 1.8.10-132”/“windows 2 R200-200”/“windows 2 R201-201” with Servers (over time) “2.0.x”->“2.1.0”->“2.1.1” (today I upgraded to 2.1.2).

Our Clients run on Win10IoT Enterprice LTS (all updates, popups, defender, automatic stuff, aso. disabled). Our CMS runs in a Docker container on an Ubuntu server in an MS-Azure cloud.

Hello, we hace a similar problem. The field Display ID in the Clients Options gets lost. We have modify this DIsplay ID manually because we cloned the systems in every display. Anybody have news about this problem?

Honestly I thought this problem had been solved by our changes back in May '19 (as we did not get a reply). I missed the replies in between, sorry.

I’ve created a bug report and will reopen the case!

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