10 CMS (100 Devices) on an Ubuntu Server - Docker

Hello guys!
We are in the testing phase to stop using Xibo on IIS/Windows Server to start using an Ubuntu server using Xibo with Docker.

Your opinion regarding this server that we are setting up would be very valuable.

Initially we will test with 10 CMS’s and connecting 10 devices in each (totaling 100 devices).

I would like your opinion which hardware configuration is recommended for an server like this? Or even bigger.

By the end of 2023, the idea is to have 2K devices divided into 04 servers (500 devices each).

I would like to share with you this journey of ours, and also your analysis of it!


We are running approximately 100 devices on 1 CMS. But our CMS (docker) is loaded with resources (in the cloud). Currently it has 4Ghz and 8GB ram. disksize is irrelevant.

Can I ask why you have 10 seperate CMS or is it related of the current office (location)?

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