1.8rc2 items building up in Calendar

I have one display with three scheduled ‘dayparts’. Two of the three dayparts use the same layout. In the past 4 days (since upgrade) the number of recurring items increases by three every day. Saturday was three, sunday was six, monday was nine and tuesday is 12.

The other display (set up yesterday) with only 1 daypart went from two scheduled items to three today.
See attached screenshots

What is the event and daypart config for your event on the 30th please? The one on the single display.

The schedule was for City notices and Calendar, daypart was Always, repeat 1 day until 2/28/17.

Now when I look at that display for Feb, it’s worse than the other display was in Jan.

What you are seeing is correct - you have asked the system to start an “Always on” event every day until 28th Feb. As each new day goes by, the repeat adds one more event.

However the existing event is “always” and is therefore still valid on the second day.

Always means always - you don’t need a recurrence. OR you need to specify a start/end date and a recurrence.

Ok, I’ll change that to one with no re-occurrence.

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