1.8 release date

I have an internal client that needs to display PDFs, and I understand that 1.8 will support them natively. I would like to hold them off for a little bit if 1.8 will be released soon, otherwise I need to assist them with google docs and the embedded code for PDFs.

So, What’s the expected release date for 1.8?

Also, is there a screenshot of the options for PDFs in 1.8? the docs seem lacking on what options are available (size, scrolling/paging, etc).


Currently there is 1.8.0-rc2 available, rc3 should be released near the end of the next week.
Depending on the feedback etc the full release will follow.

I believe that currently you can only specify the duration, the size will depend on region size, it will display each page for x seconds and then move to page 2 and so on.
We also have a enhancement logged, to add duration per page to this module.

thank you for the info

Is there any news on when rc3 is coming out (and more significantly the actual release, but I realise that depends on how well rc3 works)?



There are still some issues that we will want to fix before releasing rc3 - 1.8.0-rc3 Milestone · GitHub

As you can see there, rc3 is past due date, but since we found new issues with it, we want to solve them first.

That’s exactly right, we can’t give specific date for it, although I’d imagine if everything goes right it should happen quite soon after rc3.

Thanks - I’m not familiar with Github, so that direct link to the milestone is really helpful!