1.8 Embedded RSS Feed issue

i just recently added an RSS Feed widget to my Layout as TXT

i am no longer able to edit the design in Design mode for that layout, it keeps saying "connecting"
i have also tried the solution to “export” my design and currently not poossible

i am currently using Xibo Cloud Hosting Solution, please help

I’d be happy to take a look at it for you, but from what I see currently in your CMS there are no layouts at all.

Did you delete all of them?

Could you please recreate it and let us know?

i’ve imported it back, there is a its labelled RSS Feed within the layout design

if i cant use it, then please delete it

I’m not certain what happened with your layout.

Is it imported from some earlier CMS version?
with some custom resolution as well?
Because that also does not look right to me.

Your background image is 960x720, so if you want it to cover whole layout you might consider creating custom layout resolution for that. Because in the default one 1080p (1920x1080) it will not look as you want it to.

Can you create a new layout in your 1.8 CMS? (I did create one with rss feed as an example)

support for this is no longer required, thank you for your support, i fixed the resolution to 1080p