1.8 Dataset w/Images More Than Image Appearing

Not sure why this is yet, I have had to manually recreate a data set and fix a layout that was imported from 1.7.7 to 1.8.1.

After doing so everything appears to work, except for tht problem shown here:

The code for displaying only the picture is:

Any suggestions on how to keep the reset of the dataset data from appearing. As we are only requesting the image in the displaying of the data…


Problem seems to be if you select columns to use, but you don’t specifically use the columns in the code to tell it how you want the data to appear. I see this as a bug and the client should not show what it was not told to show on the layout.

I think there seems to some kind of confusion here.

If you use dataset view to display data from dataset

The ‘columns selected’ are exactly what data will be displayed from the dataset.

The code you’ve posted is under
’A message to display when no data is returned from the source’

While there is data returned from the dataset it will display data from the columns you selected ie in this case it should be only column with the image.

I see, helps if I read. :nerd:

So then formatting the data returned from a dataset is only possible if you return the data using a ticker?

There is a CSS under column selection, which you can use.

In ticker you get the usual text editor and CSS to format the data output.