1.8 CMS API - Lookup Multiple Display Ids At Once

I would like the ability to send an array of DisplayId’s to the API in order to get the data on them. Currently we need to create a loop for all the displays we want data on. The API, as it is now, does return data in an array format, so I am hoping it would be fairly easy to do this.

Perhaps you could put them in a display group?

We are trying to keep additional data on screens in our system. The way we designed our code is that we compare the displayids from Xibo to what our system knows about. Any displays in Xibo that aren’t in our system, like when a new display is added, is automatically pulled into our system. So when we do the comparison, we end up with an array of displayids that our system needs data on. As of right now we can only create a loop and get data on one displayid via one api call at a time.

I am open to suggestions.

Wouldn’t that mean you need to view all displays (and page through the results) to build up a list of display’s in Xibo, and then compare those to the ones you already know about?

I’m not adverse to accepting an array of displayId’s, although it does make things a little convoluted :smiley:

Yes you are correct! :flushed: Just need to recycle what we already have asked the API for. (Really need an emoji for banging head against the wall, or maybe a Duh one.) I posted another similar post for stats… I hope that one also isn’t a “Duh” moment.

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