1.8 Beta Troubleshooting - Error Log Level

The error log is completely empty. I also tried to set the level of log collection to debug and clicked save. When I reload the page it is back to the default.

You now need to set “elevate log until” (the setting beneath the log level). Once that date is reached the log level goes back to the default (emergency).

For constant logging you can put your CMS In test mode.

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Seems so easy when you put it that way. :grin: Worked like a charm.

Thank you Dan!

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Should help prevent log build up over time too - where people forget to turn it off.

Something else that might confuse you, Display logging is now controlled separately by a “auditing until” field on each display entry. The idea being that you can turn on auditing for a single display without auditing the rest of the system too.

I like the changes. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

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