1.8 API Trying to find right format for Assigning Layouts

Hey Guys,

I am trying to use this call : /campaign/layouts/assign/{campaignId}

When I make the call the response is 404 Not Found … If someone can show me it working in postman I could take it from there.

I am sure just not formatting it right.

Can anyone help??? I am having to use a direct insert record because this command does not work currently.
I would like to just use the API.


If we don’t know the campaign id then we call GET {{url}}/api/campaign

Once we know the campaign id and layout id we can call POST {{url}}/api/campaign/layout/assign/{campaignId}

The call is more complicated that you may think, for example:

the layoutId[0][layoutId] is important as that’s the datatype for this call.

Thanks Peter that did it… I knew the issue was with the syntax. Popped your example in and everything worked!!

I’m glad to hear that! :slight_smile: