1.8 Alpha3 - Custom Weather icons

We use custom weather icons on the forecast.io model. On 1.7.x we dropped the svg file into the module folder for forecase.io. On 1.8 Alpha it looks like the folder moved location to …\web\modules\forecastio, so we put the file in their. We see the icons on the preview, but they do not show up on the client Android R59. Is there something else we should be doing?

It should be the same - have you verified all modules after dropping in the files (to “install them” into the library) ?

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:flushed: …I should of known that one. Thank you Dan.

I totally forgot to do that and just assumed because we saw them in the preview that they should be working for the clients.

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No problem - as a side note, if you had maintenance running it would periodically verify the modules and would have sorted itself out.

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