1.8 Alpha2 - Stats are off by an hour

It seems the time on stats is off by an hour. We scheduled new media and then watched the stats being reported. They ended up an hour into the future. So anything after 22:59 ended up on the next day.

Regional settings we have the time zone set to Los Angles.

I know how much Dan loves date and time problems. :wink:

Edit: The clients and server are in the same time time zone.

Hi Colin,

For me it seems to be correct on display manage / statistics / logs page.
Could you please tell us more details about it and if it’s wrong on all of the above pages or not?

Side note: Yeah, Dan will be excited about it for sure :smiley:

Not sure what you are wanting from the logs, so I have not included that here. :neutral_face:

Stats page the circled items were added at 8:39PM, the displayed about 7 minutes after being added to the layouts. But they show the first time they played as 1 hour into the future. Starting roughly at about 9:47PM or 21:47, and as of the time of this post, it is roughly 8:59PM my time.

Again on the Display Management, I am not sure what you are after here:

Update: This is a non issue. The android clients had automatic timezone set in the android system settings, and as normal in our area, it was incorrect. We have also enabled the option to use CMS time.

Well, on logs page you have date/time of submitted stats etc, on manage display it actually should show date/time in ‘Requested’ column. Since we had various issues with date/time, I wanted to make sure where the problem is and if it is only in one place. Although 1.8 is definitely handling date/time formats, issues etc a lot better.

Anyway, I am glad that you sorted it out.

So that must be irritating :smile: but at least Dan won’t have to look at date/time problems in this case.

Yes and Yes :grinning:

Yes this is the only one we thought we found, and it turned out to be us…

Please close this…