1.8 Alpha API - Display

api/display GET is lacking some information and what it will accept. Looking at the reset of the display API information, I would think that displayId would be accepted. However it seems that no matter what we send the API it always returns every display.

Using this code:

$client = new Client();
$request = $client->$params['api_method'](SERVER_BASE.'/'.$params['api_path'],
	['Authorization'=>['access_token'=>'Bearer '.$client_access_token]],
	['form_params' =>['displayId' => $displayId]]

This code format seems to work fine for the other API calls.

You are absolutlely correct that the documentation is lacking for many of the get routes - this is because I am not entirely happy with their API yet.

The parameters allowed by each one roughly corresponds to what you see on the filter form - in the case of display that is quite limited.

The best parameter at the moment is filter_display (which is the display name).

I do want to expand the options out and may sure that at the very least the name and id are filterable in all cases.

EDIT: so I don’t forget i’ve submitted an issue for it: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/594