1.8 Alapha 3 - Unable to Change Default Duration

I tried to change the default duration on the video module, but the system will not allow me to. If I try to change it to anything other than “0” it gives me an error as shown here:

That is correct - without this, all your videos would stop playing until the end and instead play until whatever value you put in that box.

What are you trying to achieve by changing it?

Hi Dan,

We have a need to make sure that videos do no play longer than a certain amount of time. We wanted to double check some functionality and thought we would be able to use the default video duration setting to do some of our test. That is when we ran into the screen we posted.

We were thinking that we could use that setting as a fail safe to guarantee videos would not playback longer than the default setting. It is not critical that we can change that setting, just thought it was interesting that it would not let us change it at all.

I’m sure you have worked out by now that there are some changes to the way durations are managed - we recognised that it was a massive issue for a lot of people and that long widget durations were the norm (which we don’t think is correct).

In many cases the length of a layout should be determined by the content in 1 region - and the other regions only have 1 item in them. In that case we don’t actually need durations on the 1 item regions - only the multiple.

Default duration exists so that when you add a widget you don’t have to specify a duration, unless you tick the box which says “set duration”. The default durations will tend to be quite low so that single item regions expire promptly. Video is a special case, because if you do not provide a duration you actually want “end detect” - which is denoted by a duration of 0. Hence the default.

Of course we will be updating the guides, etc when this goes stable.