1.8.3 Release - Any expected date?

Hi there, just wondering if there is an ETA on this update? There are a couple bugs that are preventing me from using the software to its full potential.

No rush, just curious if anyone has an idea.


As of now there is no date set for it yet.

Could you please let me know if all the bugs that you’ve encountered in, presumably, 1.8.2 are already logged in GitHub?

If there is something that you’ve seen that is not mentioned there, we’d appreciate if you’d create a separate topic here on community site about it, so then we can verify and try to recreate the problem locally.

Hey Peter,

All the bugs are listed. Just curious when they would be fixed is all.


is there yet a release datum?

There is no due date set yet, you can track the 1.8.3 milestone progress in the link from my previous post.