1.8.0-rc1 xtr.php not running tasks

xtr.php does not appear to run tasks (“last run” time on the task tab does not update). Using the alternative web address (http://localhost/maint) does work. Below is what returns when running xtr.php via command prompt. Any ideas?


The best thing to do would be to pop your CMS in “test” mode and see if you get any other errors output - or look in the log under the CONSOLE channel (in the filter).

Nothing under the CONSOLE channel, but there are a few errors under the WEB channel (see below). I also now notice that the time stamp on the script run is out of sync with the local time (local time = GMT-05:00 although the local time/script time stamp is off by 6 hours).

Did you put the CMS in Test mode? Settings -> Trouble Shooting -> Server Mode

I suspect that xtr.php is not able to fork tasks on windows, which would be unfortunate (i did think it might work - but perhaps not).

We might need to revert to synchronous processing on Windows. Please leave it with us.

Can you try to run the tasks manually?

php bin/run.php <taskid>

I am able to run the tasks manually using run.php (did so for daily maintenance, regular maintenance, and email notifications - taskid 1, 2, and 3). What does the symbol under status mean (below)?

I tried test mode again - output in the cli did not change (is that what you meant by errors output, or is there somewhere else I should be looking). Still nothing in the CONSOLE channel (under Advanced -> Log). Let me know if there is any other data I can pull for you (although it appears you have the issue identified).

Thanks again for your help!

I think the overriding issue is that xtr.php doesn’t seem to run on Windows - probably because we are forking processes. That means we need to think about our architecture.

The bug symbol means that the process we forked run.php <taskid> returned a non-0 exit code - meaning an error.

XTR not working on Windows as reported in POST.
I am willing to do any test they need in a custom windows environment.

Could you run the command in the command line instead of a scheduled task (with the CMS in test mode) and then see if there are any logs for the channel CONSOLE ?


Should this be fixed in the meantime?
I’ve added a Windows scheduled task and everything seems to run but the Daily Maintenance.
It’s forking a process with pid 0.

We would expect tasks in 1.8.2 to be working properly. If you’re running an earlier version, then they are still problematic.