1.8.0-rc1 installing on shared hosting

Hi Dan/Alex.

I once installed Xibo CMS 1.7.6 on a basic shared hosting for showing demos to my clients and it worked OK. I haven’t tested 1.8.0-rc1 yet, so my question is if there’s a restriction in this new version, specially for the XMR to run.

Thank you.

Environment (we recommend Docker) - http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment.html
CMS (and XMR) - http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/release_notes_1.8.0-rc1.html

We really don’t think shared hosting is the right place for Xibo, but of course you can try it and see if it will work for you.

I never used Docker, I shall try it.
Thank you Peter.