1.8.0-rc1 docker installation resets after machine reboot

Hi. Trying out 1.8. Docker install appears to work well - was able to create a test layout and display. I can stop and start the CMS via “./launcher stop” and “./launcher start” commands. Once I reboot the machine, however, and restart the CMS, Xibo does not recognize the previous setup (it creates a new blank setup, including a new CMS key). Docker does not appear to create a local DATA_DIR folder - I’ve tried different locations within the launcher.env file (including the default), before the second bootstrap command, without success. Is there a step or setup option I am missing?


Could it be that the user Docker runs under does not have permission to create the location specified in $DATA_DIR ?

User is an admin account - and I’ve created the folder manually to see if that would help - so should not be a permissions issue. In case it matters, the system is windows 10 professional.

@alex - sorry might need your :eyes: on this

If a stop and start work, then a reboot will work. There’s no difference between the two.

You should be getting a directory created for DATA DIR though. If you’re not, then when you destroy your containers for upgrade you’ll loose your content.

What exactly have you got in your launcher.env file? It’ll need to be the path you want your files stored in as your Docker VM sees it - not as Windows sees it. If you open a the Docker bash prompt you can see what the path will be.


That was the default, based on where the xibo-docker-master folder was extracted. I also tried a few other locations (i.e. /c/xibo-files and /c/users/xibo-files).


works for me. I get the shared directory inside my Documents folder as the user alex.

I have launcher.sh and launcher.env in c:\Users\alex which is the default location when opening the Docker Quickstart Terminal.

Thanks Alex. Not sure why the docker install is giving me trouble. At some point I will try it again - for now a manual install (including xmr/zeromq) appears to working.