1.8.0 - modify SMTP


I have successfully installed Xibo 1.8.0 using Docker, during the 1st installation I have not configured the SMTP but now I need it…
Have I simply to edit config.env and then do a

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

to commit the edit ?

My company SMTP accepts any email sent from @company.domain and I have not to configure user and password.


That’s all you should have to do as the ENV is read directly for those values. FWIW, you only need to run docker-compose up -d as Docker will automatically shutdown and recreate any containers impacted by your changes.

Hello, thx for the hint.
Last question: doing this all other configs (and database) will be keep intact, right ?

As long as you haven’t modified anything that would break that behavior, you should be fine. You can use the standard mysql CLI tools to backup the DB or copy the shared directory somewhere just in case.