1.8.0-alpha2 module

I know there is a module template and a complete doc to guide developpers wishing to make a module in the 1.7 (and olders ?) but not in 1.8.0a2, is this planned for the next release or only for the final release of Xibo 1.8 ?

The 1.8 manual is in draft - the modules section can be found here: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/advanced_modules.html

We haven’t produced a template yet and are more likely to enhance that manual page with additional information on the methods that need implementing.

Ok thank you, there is an estimated date to the new doc for the 1.8.0 ?

We don’t have an estimated date yet, sorry.

If you took a simple example (like the finance module) then it should be possible to reverse engineer what it happening without too many issues - it is very similar to 1.7

Ok, so I’ll take a look at the Finance module.
Thank you Dan.

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