1.7.9 CMS - Layouts missing

Today when we logged in to make a layout change from our default layout, all Layouts are missing from the list. Displays are still updating and displaying the default layout, however we can not see it to edit it in the CMS. We have tried various filters, and logged in as various users, we can not figure out what happened. Ideas?

That’s rather very odd.

You don’t host with us, I don’t think, so I can’t check it, could you pm me login details for super user to your CMS I’ll have a look then.

Did you try it with different browser perhaps?

I had that today, after I upgraded to 1.8 rc2 and rebooted the server…but when I went to IE instead of Chrome, my Layouts were back. I just had to clear my Chrome browser cache and they returned to the list. Maybe clearing browser cache will help.