1.7.8 Ticker Media crashes clients after a few weeks

Hi Guys,

This issue gives me a headache for the last few weeks…
We have a simple setup with 4 windows clients running on 1.7.8.
They show information from 3 feeds (2 feeds with internal info, 1 feed with some news feed), and one weather widget, nothing more, nothing less… (Always running the default layout)

After about three issue-free weeks, the clients didn’t update anymore, the only solution was to make a copy of the layout, deleting the Xibo content folder on the client and assign the copied layout to the clients as their new default layout.

After some research i saw that the Xibo Content folder on the clients is full with “ticker_”-files (about 30.000 after a month).

So if i deleted the whole folder, it would take ages to download the content again (1 file a second).

What am i doing wrong that i keep building up so much media files? And any idea what i can do about it?

Thanks in advance guys! (And sorry for my bad english!)

Those files are resources required to show your Ticker widgets - my guess is that there are some images in the feed? Each time the feed is re-loaded (based on your update interval) it will download and parse the feed, also downloading any images required.

The images are stored in the CMS and transferred to the player as the ticker_ files.

Only the last set of images are returned to the Player and any that haven’t been accessed in the last 2 days are deleted by the Library Tidy routine.

So either:

  • Your feed’s contain lots and lots of images
  • Something is accessing those files and updating their last accessed time (preventing them from being deleted)
  • They are not being removed correctly from the list of required files.