1.7.4 to 1.7.9 upgrade admin cant login

I followed the instructions. A new repository for Xibo 1.7.9 and settings.php copied to new repository. Upgrade went successful to db 94 with the exception of install.php not being removed. When I logoff the xibo site it wont let me back in. Password is correct. The error I was seeing, binformatlog error which I looked through the support forum and did a couple things that were suggested. I tried switching to mixed mode suggested by Alex. I was going to try truncate session he mentioned but I don’t see a session database or table.

You can reset the password via mysql, but perhaps it would be good to know what error do you currently see and what actions have you made to this point? Just so we understand the state of your installation at the moment.

Yeah, I tried resetting the password but that actually caused more issues so went back to the original password. I did this in a VM so I restored the VM and cant reiterate what I did. I simply followed the instructions for the upgrade. I then tried the Docker install. I couldn’t get that working due to Docker not being able to be installed in a VM or VirtualBox. Hyper-V had issues. So now I will try the new version with a web server instead of docker. I really wanted to try Docker but I don’t have any physical servers to install it on. So no big deal.

Depending on your OS, it might be possible to install docker toolbox if docker for windows is not working or if you have an option to set up a ubuntu server then that could be an option too.

Of course you can also try the manual/custom installation instead.