1.7.4 "Set Password" function not working

In 1.7.4 admins seem to be unable to “Set Passwords” for users. You get the password change screen, but clicking “Save” just results in a endlessly spinning cog-wheel and no password change.

There is no general problem with it, it seems like a problem with your web environment.
Does clearing the browser cache (shift+F5 might be enough) helps?

Well, we’ve reproduced it on two different 1.7.4 installs with different browsers and it does not happen in 1.7.2 so…

By “no general problem” we mean that we have it running on hundreds of CMS’s and it works, we also know that there haven’t been any changes to that functionality since 1.7 was released, so we need you to do some investigation.

Can you please follow the fault page and provide some logging for us to look at?

The Report Fault page gave me a good clue before even turning debugging on:

It was a server side issue, for some reason php5-mcrypt wasn’t loading, possibly after we did an ubuntu dist-upgrade from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS earlier this summer. php5-mcrypt was installed and symlinked where expected but we had to do:

php5enmod mcrypt

again to make it load. (as one of the followups on: http://askubuntu.com/questions/460837/mcrypt-extension-is-missing-in-14-04-server-for-mysql )

Glad you got it sorted out :smile: