0 bytes download from CMS

CMS Version


Installation Method

Custom install

Operating System

Debian 9.12


A few days ago our webserver(VestaCP) “decided” to upgrade itself and after that we have problems with CMS. Every file download from library , direct or within players ,returns the file with 0 bytes. Files exist, md5 are ok in db, but all we get is 0 bytes. All files are working fine within library browsing, but not when downloaded. The player stopped to download any widgets and contents, they compare md5 and with 0 bytes it is not accepted. Please advise, which stupid config changed in the server that can cause this? Attaching player logs, nginx and apache configs. Web server has permissions to library folder, library folder is added to fopendir. It happened a week ago, and our backups are for 3 days only and we can not reverse the cms to working condition.

Windows player log
Apache conf
NGINX conf

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