Skip offline media items (2)
Blacklist of media and player (1)
Additional Transitions (Crossfade / Fly in without removing old media) (16)
Transitions effect between layous (3)
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Xibo SAML Service Provider (2)
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Grid view feature for Display listing (2)
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Playback media on CMS (2)
User and Group quota statistics (2)
Log option for MEDIA (2)
Show all events scheduled to selected display (2)
Layout Layer Property Sheet (2)
Assign an item from the Library (5)
Display Custom Fields (1)
Location Targeting (2)
Add date in news feed (5)
External link on display (3)
Utilize Library Item Duration Instead of Module Duration for New Widgets (6)
Player: RS232 Add HEX support (2)
Default Scale Type? (6)
Twitter Language Setting (2)
Dataset - Duration per page (3)
Option to 'Publish' Layout Changes (5)
Better Google Slides integration (3)
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